Benefits of Treating Sleep Apnea in Your Workforce

With an estimated 6 million Canadians affected by Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), and about 80% of moderate to severe cases going undiagnosed, addressing this condition is crucial. Untreated OSA is associated with significant health risks such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and hypertension, impacting both individual health and workplace productivity.

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Compelling research highlights the link between poor sleep health, particularly from untreated sleep apnea, and various workplace challenges:
prevalence of poor time management skills was noted among workers with untreated sleep apnea, which decreased to 9% following sleep apnea treatment.1
The likelihood of experiencing a workplace accident was twice as high for those with untreated sleep apnea.1
Employees suffering from sleep disturbances were found to miss an additional 5 workdays per year compared to those with healthy sleep patterns.2

Sources: 1. Hirsch Allen, A.J et al Lung, 198(2), 283-287. 2. Redeker et al, JCSM 2019

By identifying and managing sleep apnea in your employees, we at Sleep Management Group can collaboratively enhance their productivity, safety, and overall quality of life.

Supporting Patients at Every Step

At Sleep Management Group, we simplify the journey for patients managing sleep apnea post-diagnosis. Here’s our approach:

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Physician links patient symptoms and risk factors with possible OSA & refers the patient for testing at a sleep lab. 

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Sleep lab performs an overnight test to determine if OSA is present. 

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If the patient is diagnosed with OSA and prescribed CPAP, we personalize therapy to the patient, including a comprehensive CPAP trial. 

Personalize Your Therapy

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Our follow-up model ensures patients succeed with CPAP therapy, and experience the benefits long term. 

Experience the Benefits

Our approach has proven so effective that it has established the benchmark for OSA management across Southeastern Canada.

Use Our Brief Questionnaire for Employee Screening

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Efficiently assess your employees for risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea using our concise, clinically validated questionnaire.

(Source: Chung F et al J Clin Sleep Med Sept 2014)

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Sleep Management Group is dedicated to assisting employers in linking their teams with the necessary post-diagnosis management and treatment for sleep apnea. We offer both in-person and virtual educational sessions on sleep hygiene and effective sleep apnea management strategies. Reach out to us to discover more!


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